It was reported that two inmates at the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, after exhibiting possible flu like symptoms approximately one week ago. After receiving notification yesterday that the inmates received a positive test, they were transferred to “negative pressure” cells, located within the infirmary area of the jail.

Negative pressure cells are used to prevent cross-contamination, from room to room. The ventilation in a “negative pressure cell” is designed to allow fresh air into the cell but prevents the contaminated air from escaping into the rest of the facility.

Both inmates displayed mild symptoms of the virus and are currently being monitored by the jail’s medical staff. Following CDC guidelines, the two inmates will be quarantined for up to two weeks. At the end of the two weeks the medical staff will re-evaluate and decide whether they will be released back into general population or continue to stay in quarantine.

The areas of the jail where the two inmates were housed was immediately sanitized. Medical staff will continue to monitor other inmates who were housed in proximity of the two inmates that tested positive. The Bibb jail staff is working to determine how the inmates may have become infected. Both of the inmates had been incarcerated for several months prior to their becoming sick.

Preventive measures were set in place prior to these two inmates testing positive for COVID-19. Everyone who enters the jail facility will have their temperature taken before being allowed to make entry. Inmates entering the jail are medically screened and must answer a COVID-19 questionnaire before being processed.

Cleaning crews will continue to clean and sanitize the jail on an hourly basis and personal hygiene products are distributed to the inmates on a regular basis.

Employees assigned to the corrections division are supplied with hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment so that they can perform their job tasks as safely as possible. Individuals who are either working in the jail or who are housed in the jail are being monitored for any signs of illness.