The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a traffic accident that occurred on Interstate 475 (south) at around 10:50a.m. Saturday morning. It was reported that a 2007 Saturn Sky convertible, driven by 68-year-old Barbara Forbes, of Sullivan, Illinois, was traveling in the middle lane of Interstate 475. As Forbes approached the Thomaston Road Bridge, she noticed that traffic began to slow down due to a wreck that was up ahead. After passing the bridge, Forbes attempted to move to the far left lane. She did not see another vehicle traveling south, in her “blind spot” of the left lane. As soon as Forbes saw the vehicle, she steered back to the middle lane and lost control of her vehicle. She began to skid sideways into the far right lane and went under the trailer of a tractor trailer that was driven by 28-year-old Johann Blakely of Sparks, Georgia.

Barbara Forbes and her passenger, 68-year-old Charles Forbes, were transported to a local hospital where they are listed to be in stable condition. No one else was injured during this incident.

Several lanes of Interstate 475 (south) were closed and traffic was rerouted around the accident scene, in the far left lane.  Interstate 475 was reopened at around 12:00p.m.