The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office announces the establishment of a partnership with community clergy entitled the Concord Project. The purpose of this partnership is to further the relationship with our community by having pastors, ministers, and church leaders engage with all facets of our community to gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the citizens of Macon-Bibb County. A top goal is to strengthen ongoing communications between the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office and members of the community.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said, “We are proud to partner with these church leaders to give them a better view of what’s needed in our community and to help create solutions for the future.”

This multi-faceted program consists of:

Cultural Relations

The immediate short-term goal will be to establish cultural sensitivity while assuring public safety and building trust and hope among our neighbors, business owners, clergy, and law enforcement.

Man/Woman In The Middle Advisory Board

The man/woman in the middle advisory board will have men and women who have been convicted of a crime and who have paid their debt to society. These individuals will be able to relate to and be key in mentoring and mediating between law enforcement and community members.

Ride-Along with Community Clergy

After receiving specialized training from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office community, clergy will be paired with deputies to ride with during each shift. Clergy will act as a liaison between residents and law enforcement. Clergy will also provide spiritual and pastoral care to both the community and law enforcement. This service will not be limited to any specific ethnicity or religious affiliation.

Unity Exchange

This will work toward identifying and working with committed community stakeholders in creating a long-term partnership to better serve the community. This will include residents, business owners, community leaders, and governmental agencies. The focus is to enlist volunteers and mentors who will encourage community work and values.

Redemption For Inmates Programs

The program is designed to give hope and aid to incarcerated individuals to help them make a successful transition back into the community. The Concord Project hopes to provide employment, job opportunities, education and job skills training along with health services. The organization will work with the Georgia Department of Corrections and other public and private entities.

All of these components are intended to work together to achieve the goal of reducing recidivism and improving public safety.