Bibb County Sheriff David Davis and deputies will be going into the Locksley Drive area in Bloomfield, Tuesday March 22nd  , in a continued effort to help strengthen the partnership between the citizens and the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies will be on hand to talk to neighborhood residents about what the Sheriff’s Office can do for them and how they can help the Sheriff’s Office keep their neighborhood safe. The Walk for Safety will start at 5:30pm and will begin at the corner of Locksley Drive and Bloomfield Road.

Sheriff David Davis and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office would like to invite the media and anyone that would like to come out and “Walk for Safety” in the neighborhood. The Bibb Sheriff’s Office will be planning more walks in the future. 

Empowering Macon-Bibb – Walking for Safety 

A proactive initiative to engage the different neighborhoods throughout our community

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office needs your help. We need your help to empower the neighborhoods of Macon-Bibb. We want to partner with you to help keep your neighborhood safe. To show the criminals that we have joined forces and that this is OUR community and not theirs.

The Sheriff’s Office can make sure that deputies do their part. We can make sure we have a presence in the communities.  We can make sure we arrest the evildoers. We can make sure we hold the criminals in jail. We can make sure that we respond to the calls for help.

We can make sure we do our part with prevention. We can make sure our Outreach Section gets into the schools and operates the youth programs to show our children right from wrong. We can make sure we get into the neighborhoods and help families get Neighborhood Watch groups off the ground.

But we still need your help. We need to know what you need from the Sheriff’s Office and how best to get you the assistance you need. We want to know where you see suspicious activity. We want to know where you see loitering. We want to know where you see drug dealing. We even want to know where you see vacant overgrown lots. We need you to work with us to help keep your neighborhood safe.

We also want to know that you will partner with us. A united effort will help to keep Macon-Bibb strong.

Come join us as we walk for our neighborhoods. Join us as we come together to work to make Macon-Bibb what it should be…and can be – safe.

Sheriff Davis and his deputies will be Walking for Safety, one neighborhood at a time, and he hopes you will join them on Tuesday, March 22nd  as they “Take a walk for safety”.