Public’s Assistance In Business Burglary Investigation 

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s assistance in an ongoing business burglary investigation. Investigators have reason to believe the same group of criminals is targeting businesses that deal in a high-cash volume, such as convenience stores and liquor stores, when the businesses are closed. In the last month, deputies have seen an increased number of cases in which these types of businesses are broken into in the early morning hours and the alarms are disabled.

The Sheriff’s Office has implemented a response plan. Deputies are adding extra patrols and investigators are following up on good leads to identify these subjects. Attached are some videos and photos taken from one of the burglaries. Anyone with information is asked to call the on-call property investigator at 751-7500.

We ask the public to remain vigilant and to call us if they see four subjects, possibly two to a vehicle, driving past closed businesses especially in the pre-dawn hours. If you see suspicious behavior, please call 911.

We also ask that businesses take some proactive steps:

  • Not leaving the day’s cash behind
  • Providing good lighting around the business
  • Installing working surveillance cameras
  • Securing doors and windows
  • Having a working alarm system with an immediate notification if the alarm is triggered for any reason, such as disabling

We also ask that businesses not already involved with our Business Watch program, please contact Lt. George Meadows at 478-784-7121 so they can be made aware of criminal trends.




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