Bibb County Sheriff David Davis held a promotion ceremony this morning at the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Center. This is the second promotional ceremony of the newly merged Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff David Davis said, “Today’s promotions continue the blending of former Macon Police Officers into the supervisory ranks of the sheriff’s office. There was an equal number of former MPD officers and pre consolidation deputy sheriffs promoted. Each deputy promoted has unique skills and abilities which will help the sheriff’s office to better serve the inhabitants of Macon-Bibb County.”


The following deputies have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant, effective today, February 4, 2015.


1.)    Deputy Billy Coody to Sergeant

2.)    Deputy Scott Crosby to Sergeant

3.)    Deputy Kenneth Ezell to Sergeant

4.)    Deputy Terry Grant to Sergeant

5.)    Deputy Chris Harrell to Sergeant

6.)    Deputy Willie Mitchell to Sergeant

7.)    Deputy Danny Patel to Sergeant

8.)    Deputy Chris Paul to Sergeant

9.)    Deputy Willie Purcell to Sergeant

10.)   Deputy Servando Saldivar to Sergeant

11.)   Deputy Joseph Vamper to Sergeant

12.)   Deputy Roy Williams to Sergeant


The following deputies have been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, effective today, February 4, 2015.


1.)   Junior Lieutenant Sean Defoe to Lieutenant

2.)   Sergeant Wanda Ammons to Lieutenant

3.)   Sergeant Michael Bittick to Lieutenant

4.)   Sergeant Melanie Hoffmann to Lieutenant

5.)   Sergeant Anthony Hubbard to Lieutenant

6.)   Sergeant Tim James to Lieutenant

7.)   Sergeant James Lary to Lieutenant

8.)   Sergeant Raymond Reynolds to Lieutenant

9.)   Sergeant Billy Skinner to Lieutenant

10.)   Sergeant Reginald Thomas to Lieutenant

11.)   Sergeant Chuck Whitaker to Lieutenant


The following deputies have been promoted to the rank of Captain, effective today, February 4, 2015.


1.)   Lieutenant Kelvin Harris to Captain

2.)   Lieutenant Christopher E. Patterson to Captain

3.)   Lieutenant Phyllis Smith to Captain