The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office continues to lead an intensified and concentrated law enforcement effort in neighborhoods recently affected by senseless acts of violence. What began in October 2017 was ramped up with more manpower in April. Bibb County Sheriff’s patrol deputies, criminal, gang and drug investigators have strengthened our partnership with the Georgia Department of Community Supervision and investigators from the U.S. Marshals Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force to reach into our neighborhoods to continue the efforts to remove dangerous individuals from the streets.

As a result of the vigilant work from all agencies, since January 1st, two hundred and fifty- seven people have been arrested, thirty-seven firearms seized, one hundred and twenty- two vehicles impounded, six stolen vehicles recovered and two hundred and twenty-two citations issued. In addition one hundred and fifty-six outstanding arrest warrants were served.

This initiative focuses on neighborhoods and streets throughout Macon-Bibb to help our community weed out criminal activities.

Bibb Sheriff David Davis said, “Operation Neighborhood Redemption is already responsible for putting over two hundred criminals behind bars, taking dangerous weapons out of the hands of hardened hoodlums and recovering thousands in stolen property. This team has proven its value to our community and will continue to hunt down the lawless, who maliciously target innocent neighborhoods.  We will continue to do all we can to stop the violence on our streets. If it takes making two thousand arrests, so be it. We have plenty of handcuffs. We continue to ask our good citizens to let us know where unlawful acts take place, so we can weed out criminal activity and put those responsible for misdeeds in a jail cell where they belong.”