The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Deputies responded to the Amerson Water Park on the Ocmulgee River in reference to a missing Kayaker just after 04:00pm this evening. Deputies arrived and made contact with a group of Kayakers who stated that their friend 21 year old Seth Greene of Atlanta had been separated from the group as they were traveling down the river and that he did not know the area and that they were unsure of his swimming ability.

Patrol Deputies began checking the other exit point of the river while Sgt. Chapman used a Kayak to check on the river for Greene. While Sgt. Chapman was looking for Greene he came across two females who were also lost on the river and did not know how to get to an exit point and he was able to assist them off the river and then continued to search for Greene. Sgt. Chapman made contact with some fisherman and was informed by them that a person matching Greene’s description had passed them earlier and did not respond to them when they called to him. While Deputies where still searching for Greene he had made it to the River Walk area between Spring St. and Second St and used another person’s cell phone to call his friends and inform them of his exact location. Greene was checked by the Macon-Bibb Fire Department personal and released on scene with no injuries.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public when traveling on the rivers to make sure that you stay with your group or make sure you are familiar with where you are going and how to exit the river in safe locations. There is also safety equipment that can be used to assist in finding your way on the river as in water way G.P.S. units, water proof cell phone cases with lanyards so that they can be tied off to your person or flotation device. Always use a life vest or other type of personal floatation assistance device designed for life saving. Also if you see or hear of anyone needing assistance please call your local law enforcement agency or 911 in an emergency.