Bibb Sheriff’s Investigators arrested a man for sexually assaulting women in east Macon. Twenty- eight year old Jamal Chris Rowe was spotted walking down Clinton Road at around 6a.m. Wednesday morning by Bibb Sheriff’s Investigator Michael Wilson, who was headed home from a late night shift. Rowe fit the description of a man, who attempted to sexually assault a female, at her apartment earlier in the night.

Investigator Wilson got out with Rowe on Clinton Road. After further investigation, a patrol deputy was called and Rowe was transported to the C.I.D. office to be interviewed.

On February 5, 2018, at around 10:15p.m., deputies responded to a call of a sexual assault attempt that took place in east Bibb. It was reported that the victim heard a knock at her front door and opened it, after thinking that it was a neighbor. An unknown suspect pushed his way into the apartment and forced the victim into the bedroom.

A male neighbor who lived down stairs, heard the female victim struggling and went upstairs to investigate.

The neighbor arrived at the apartment and began to knock on the front door. The suspect left the bedroom to answer the door. When the suspect answered the door, the victim yelled for help. The suspect threatened to cut the male neighbor and quickly fled the scene.

On February 6, 2018, deputies responded to a call that took place at a different apartment complex in east Bibb. The female victim reported that she was cleaning her home when she heard a knock at her front door. She opened the door, thinking that it was someone that she knew. The unknown suspect forced his way into the home as he brandished a knife. The suspect sexually assaulted the victim several times throughout the night, before leaving the residence.

Investigators gathered physical evidence from each of the crime scenes and obtained details of both incidents.

While at the C.I.D. office, Investigators compared the details and descriptions of the suspect in both sexual assault incidents and believe that they were committed by the same person.

Based on evidence collected and follow up investigation, Jamal Chris Rowe was arrested for (5) counts of rape, (1) count of burglary, (1) count of kidnapping, and he also has a separate charge of parole violation. Additional charges are pending.

Bibb Sheriff David Davis said, “Our citizens can rest easier tonight knowing this dangerous sexual predator is off the streets. The dedication and diligence of the investigators brought a swift end to this criminal rampage.”

Rowe is currently being held in the Bibb County Law Enforcement Complex, without bond.