Bibb County Sheriff’s patrol deputies arrested 25-year-old Forestt Paten Mander for several outstanding warrants on Saturday, December 1, 2018. Members of the sheriff’s office had been searching for Mander after he had fled from some deputies a couple of weeks prior.

Around 8:30 Saturday morning, deputies observed Mander traveling through the Ingleside area.  Mander attempted to conceal his identity by pulling a baseball cap over his face. Deputies were not fooled and stopped Mander as he pulled into the parking lot of 334 Vista Circle. Mander exited his vehicle and attempted to enter a wooded area, next to the apartments, but deputies were able to apprehend him.

Mander had warrants for the charges of (7 cts.) of Financial Transaction Card Fraud, (3 cts.) of Financial Card Theft, Theft by Taking-felony, Entering Auto, Battery Family Violence, and he also has a Superior Court- felony- Probation hold.

Investigators are looking through recent cases in the Ingleside neighborhood to see if Mander may have been involved in any of those incidents.

Mander is currently being held in the Bibb County Law Enforcement Complex, without bond. Before the probation hold, Mander’s bond amount would have been $29,660.