Bibb County Sheriff’s Investigators were contacted by the G.B.I., during their investigation into a double homicide case that took place in Macon County. The Macon County double homicide suspect made a statement of his involvement of a murder that took place in Macon. The G.B.I. Investigators notified the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

Bibb County Sheriff’s Investigators went to Macon County just after 6:15p.m., Tuesday night and interviewed 41 year old Quentin James Sanders of Macon County.

During the interview with Sanders, he implicated himself in multiple violent crimes that occurred in Bibb County. He stated that he was responsible for the fatal shooting of 49 year old Ida Mae Ford that took place on January 8, 2018, on Winship Street in Macon.

On January 10, 2018, at around 12:00p.m., a personal armed robbery incident occurred at the Tattnall Square Park restroom. 19 year old, Logen William, of Perry, was in the restroom when a male suspect slipped under the stall and confronted him. The suspect demanded money and William’s wallet. Williams contacted law enforcement officials a couple of hours later. Williams was uninjured during this incident.

An aggravated assault incident occurred on January 10, 2018. This incident took place on the campus of Mercer College. It was reported that at around 9:59p.m., several shots were fired at four Mercer College students. No one was injured during this incident.

On January 12, 2018 a woman was confronted by a male suspect on Coleman Hill. The suspect demanded money. During this incident, the suspect snatched the keys from47 year old Tammy Ratzken of Macon. The suspect fled in an unknown direction in Ratzken’s 2002 Honda Odyssey van. Ratzken was reported uninjured during this incident.

The G.B.I. recovered the stolen Honda Odyssey and a gun that was possibly used in the Bibb County incidents. Investigators are following up on other evidence that links him with these crimes. Sanders also gave details of his involvement as he was being interviewed by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Investigators.

Investigators are still looking into a report of a second personal armed robbery that took place at the Tattnall Square Park restrooms. This incident took place on January 14, 2018 at around 12:43 p.m.  During the course of that investigation, Bibb Sheriff’s Investigators have recovered several items that were stolen from 32 year old Elaine Pham. It is undetermined at this time if Sanders was involved in this incident. Pham was reported to be uninjured.

The Mercer Police Department and Bibb County Sheriff’s Investigators have been working in cooperation in reference to these incidents that occurred on and around the Mercer College campus.

Bibb County Sheriff’s Investigators have warrants signed for Sanders on the charges of Murder, Kidnapping, Armed Robbery, (4 counts) of Aggravated Assault, and Hijacking a motor vehicle.

Sanders is currently being held in the Macon County jail.

Sheriff David Davis said, “This is a tragic example of how one evil individual can spread mayhem across a region. The affected communities can breathe a little easier knowing a person is behind bars for these crimes. Our sympathies go out to every victim and every family affected by these heinous acts. Even though the suspect has cooperated with investigators, it will take continued teamwork between law enforcement and the DA’s offices to achieve a successful prosecution.”