The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office would like to let the public know how President Donald Trump’s visit will affect citizens on Friday.

TRAFFIC: Traffic will be affected from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. Motorists are urged to avoid Avondale Mill Road which will be closed. Ticket holders and motorists should also be prepared for traffic delays along Highway 247 and Industrial Highway during the event times. Motorists are asked to enter the assigned parking areas from Industrial Highway to Grace Road for parking only. Once parked shuttle buses will transport ticket holders to the event area. During these hours absolutely no foot traffic will be allowed in the Avondale Mill Road area. We ask that all participants of the event park in the assigned areas. Any vehicles parked outside of the assigned areas are subject to be towed at the owners expense.

TICKET HOLDERS: For those with tickets to attend the Trump event, security will be heightened. No weapons of any kind will be permitted inside the venue. There will be metal detectors and bag checks. Law Enforcement and volunteers will be present inside the venue to assist ticket holders.

PROTESTERS: Anyone who will be protesting outside the Airport will see a large sheriff’s presence. This is to ensure safety for all citizens, including protesters.All attendees are reminded to obey the law while making their views heard.

Sheriff David Davis has been involved in the planning stage and says, “We will be working to assure that everyone attending this rally remains safe and are inconvenienced as little as possible. As is common with presidential visits, we only had a few days notice. Established operation plans and partnerships with other law enforcement agencies are essential elements in our management of this large and complex event.”