Bibb Sheriff’s Patrol Deputies responded to a domestic dispute call at 1157 Rocky Creek Road. It was reported that 39 year old Raymond Kitchens, who lives at the address, had got into a physical altercation with his wife, 35 year old Pamela Kitchens. When deputies arrived they found Mrs. Kitchens on Cynthia Weir Drive which is near the house. When Mr. Kitchens was fighting with his wife, another female at the home, who is a friend of the family, jumped on Mr. Kitchens trying to get him off of Mrs. Kitchens. Mr. Kitchens began beating the female, 21 year old Kala Martinez in the face viciously, striking her several times. Martinez cut Mr. Kitchens with a knife she had grabbed, in attempts to get Mr. Kitchens off of her. Mr. Kitchens was cut about the neck and arm.


After talking with Mrs. Kitchens, deputies went to the house at 1157 Rockycreek Road and saw Mr. Kitchens inside the house. Deputies asked him to come out of the house to talk with them several times. Mr. Kitchens refused to comply and ran out the backdoor of the home. Deputies chased Mr. Kitchens towards Triple Hill Drive. Sgt. Dina Rice tazed Mr. Kitchens, Kitchens broke free from the deputies and continued running. Mr. Kitchens was in possession of a knife which he had in his during the chase. As Mr. Kitchens entered the front yard at 1170 Triple Hill Drive with deputies chasing him, he turned towards Deputy Ossie Cotton, with the knife opened and pointed at the deputy. Mr. Kitchens lunged at the deputy with the knife. Deputy Cotton fired one shot at Mr. Kitchens striking Kitchens in the abdomen.


Mr. Kitchens was transported to the Navicent Center where he is currently in surgery. Mrs. Kitchens and Ms. Martinez were offered medical assistance at the scene but did not wish to be transported to a local hospital at the time.


The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the domestic disturbance call to which deputies were originally dispatched. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting incident.