Bibb County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a suspect in connection to a hostage situation prank at McDonald’s located at 4472 Ocmulgee East Blvd.

On April 7, 2023, at 4:24p.m., a call was made to the Emergency 911 Center. The female caller reported there was an irate male in the lobby who was upset that his order was wrong. The caller continued stating there were five people inside held at gunpoint, including children. The suspect had a large firearm and was threatening to kill anyone who screamed. The caller claimed that she was inside the restroom. When she noticed deputies had arrived, she disconnected the line.

When Bibb County deputies arrived on the scene, they discovered everything was normal. No one was brandishing a firearm and there had been no incidents at the restaurant according to management. After a thorough investigation, deputies discovered someone inside the lobby had made a false call to the Emergency 9-11 Center.

The suspect was identified as 18-year-old Tiara Simoune Everett of Macon. Tiara Everett was taken into custody and transported to the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center. She was charged with False Report of a Crime and Unlawful Conduct during a 911 Call.