Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Center inmates began receiving COVID-19 vaccine shots this morning.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office and Georgia Department of Public Health worked together and compiled a list of approximately 125 inmates who requested to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or the Moderna vaccine. Members of the Georgia Department of Health began administering vaccination shots at around 9:00 a.m.

Approximately 25 to 30 inmates will receive vaccinations each week, until all of the 125 inmates have been vaccinated. Today, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be administered. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine allows coverage in just one dose.

The Moderna vaccine will require two doses. An inmate that requests the Moderna vaccine will be put on a list to receive their first dose at a later date. Approximately 28 days after receiving the first vaccination shot, the inmate will receive their second dose. If an inmate is released from jail before receiving their second dose, they can receive their second dose elsewhere.

Inmates will receive a card, listing the brand of vaccine, the lot number, and the date of their first dose.