The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office will host its first “Consider the Consequences” program at around 9:00a.m. Friday morning.

The “Consider the Consequences” program is an early intervention program that is designed to allow youth to see that certain choices they make can bring on the consequences that may get them in trouble, land them in jail, or even worse, death.

The program consists of an 8 hour Jail tour, under close supervision, that allows them to see what being in jail is all about. This will show how the consequences of being involved in Gangs, Drugs, Guns and Defiance can land them in jail.

This is not a scared straight program, but it can be frightening. This program will help encourage positive behavior and provide tools to achieve goals for the youth as well as resources for the parents.

Participants must be 9-16 years of age. The program will be held once a month, on a Friday. For additional information, please feel free to contact the Sheriff’s Outreach Section at (478) 447 -2326.