The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Unit

The Bibb County Corrections Unit currently houses over 900+ inmates. The facility’s capacity was expanded from 585 in 2007 to meet the needs of a growing City of Macon and Bibb County. We currently have over 140+ employees assigned to the Corrections Unit. The facility includes a fully operational Infirmary that is staffed by three full time nurses, two part time nurses and a part time physician. This enables us to meet many of the medical needs of our inmates within the facility.

The facility also includes a fully equipped kitchen where meals are prepared for the inmates. Inmates under the supervision of Jail staff prepare the meals. Supervised inmates handle all building maintenance, laundry, cleaning, etc., in house.

The Bibb County Jail incarcerates both male and female inmates 17 years of age and older. These inmates have either been charged or convicted of misdemeanors or felony crimes. Sentences on these crimes range from one year in jail to life without parole. Sentences above one year are served in other facilities run by the state and federal governments.

Our operational objective is to maintain a safe and secure environment for pretrial detainees; to provide for inmates’ basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, mental health care and medical care; to ensure the security of the jail from escapes, supervise inmates’ day-to-day activities, i.e., feeding, cleaning, court appearances, medical appointments, visitations, library calls, religious services, outside recreations, GED possessions, prepare and transport inmates to courts, provide inmates for attorneys’ and court official visits; transport inmates to and from the various jails and prisons throughout the State; to provide proper and current training to all officers assigned to the jail; to provide backup to various divisions in the department when other units are not available and to assist the community when storms and other emergencies disrupt normal day-to-day activities.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center

The Bibb County Detention Center is a Work Release and Community Service Center. The Detention Center presently has approximately 192 beds, some are assigned to the work release program while others are assigned to the community service program. The purpose of the work release program is to allow the detainees to continue to work in the private sector in order to pay off fines and restitutions ordered by the courts, it also allows them the opportunity to continue to support their families. This type of program lessens the burden of the taxpayers who would have to bear the cost of what it would be to house these individuals on a full time basis.

The spaces that are assigned to the community service section of the center are allowed for the detainees which perform various amounts of community service hours as ordered by the courts. The hours that these individuals perform are presently saving the city of Macon and Bibb County in the excess of $500,000 a year. These jobs would normally be contracted out to other businesses or individuals in the private sector.

The Detention Center is staffed by a Major, Captain, Senior Lieutenant, Junior Lieutenant, Sergeant, twenty one Deputies and four Bailiffs.

Detention Center Objectives

  • To constantly strive to improve the day to day operations of the Detention Center by learning effective, new and proven methods of operating and maintaining a Detention Center of its size.
  • To remain knowledgeable of existing laws pertaining to corrections and in particularly detention facilities.
    To provide and maintain current equipment and safety devices relating to the protection of both officers and inmates.
  • To efficiently work within all aspects of the judicial system in order to improve the flow of paperwork and communication with various local, state and federal agencies.
  • To efficiently communicate and work with local, state and federal prosecutors and probation officers regarding work release and community service detainees.
  • To propose and provide a secure and efficient environment for visitors and court officials while conducting business at the Detention Center.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Center is located at 668 Oglethorpe Street.  The Detention Center is located at 645 Hazel Street.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.00.48 PM  If you have any questions regarding the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division please call:

  • Main Number: 478-746-9441
  • Jail Booking: 478-746-9441
  • Detention: (478) 621-5666
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