On December 20, 2023, Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Travaris Freeman was terminated for Breach of Security.

The termination stemmed from an incident that occurred on October 16, 2023. An internal affairs investigation revealed that Freeman failed to maintain the safety and security of the jail. This failure to follow protocol resulted in four inmates escaping from the Bibb County jail. It was determined that Freeman violated the following Bibb County Sheriff’s Office policies:

Unbecoming Conduct.

Conduct unbecoming an employee shall include that which brings the Sheriff’s Office into disrepute or reflects discredit upon the employee as a member of the Sheriff’s Office, or that which impairs the operation or efficiency of the Sheriff’s Office or the employee.

Unsatisfactory Performance.

Employees shall maintain sufficient competency to properly perform their duties and assume the responsibilities of their positions.

Employees shall perform their duties in a manner, which will maintain the highest standards of efficiency in carrying out the functions and objectives of the Sheriff’s Office.

Jail Operations.

When conducting checks at night, the officer checking inmates should use a flashlight. Judiciously, The officer is to ensure the inmate he counts is breathing, and human flesh is visible.

Staff officers shall not rely solely on closed-circuit television to supervise inmates. Direct in-person surveillance is to be made on every inmate in the general population at staggered intervals at least every 60 minutes.

After this incident was discovered, it was turned over to the Office of Professional Standards for investigation.

Freeman was terminated as an employee with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office at the direction of Sheriff David Davis. This incident is still under investigation and further disciplinary actions pertaining to other staff members, are to be determined.