Tonight on ABC World News at 6:30PM, three Bibb Sheriff’s Deputies are being recognized as “persons of the week”. Deputies Trinicholas Carswell, Timothy Jones and Jeff Howell will be shown in an interview and recognized for the warm, caring and thoughtful act of kindness they showed to 9 year old Adam Flowers last week.

Bibb County Sheriff’s Deputy Carswell responded to a call just before 6:00PM on Saturday, February 13, 2016 in reference to a 16 year old female picking on a 9 year old male. When Deputy Carswell arrived she met with the grandmother, Carolyn Taylor and the 9 year old boy, Adam Flowers. Apparently what had happened was that Adam was being picked on because of his worn out tennis shoes.

After handling the incident, Deputy Carswell felt the need to help and she spoke with two of her co-workers, Coporal Timothy Jones and Deputy Jeff Howell. She told them about the young boy and how he was picked on regularly about his worn out shoes. Deputy Carswell also found out that Adam is an “A” student at Vineville Academy and that his grandmother, who is his caregiver, struggles to take care of him and his two brothers all by herself. As soon as Corporal Jones and Deputy Howell heard what Deputy Carswell had told them, they knew without hesitation that they wanted to help.

The three deputies wanted to do something to help Adam, so this is what they decided. They went to a local sportswear store in the River Crossing Mall and purchased a brand new pair of Air Jordan Tennis Shoes. They immediately went back to the apartment where Adam, his two brothers and their grandmother live to give Adam the shoes. As soon as Adam saw the shoes he put them on and ran around the room in joy and thanked the deputies for getting him the shoes. His grandmother also thanked the deputies for what they did for little Adam.