This morning at around 9:25AM Bibb Sheriff’s Correction’s Deputy Sheryl Denise Smith was arrested on the charge of dog fighting/party to a crime. On July 11, 2015, Bibb Sheriff’s Patrol Deputies responded to a call at the residence where Smith lived, to assist Animal Welfare Officers in reference to some injured dogs.  An investigation was conducted which revealed evidence of dog fighting at the residence. 


The eight dogs found at the residence were kept there for the purposes of training, fighting and medically treated at the residence for their injuries received during fighting. Kept at the residence were items for training the dogs and items used to clean the dogs prior to fighting. All the items were kept in plain view just outside the backdoor in a fenced area.


Two other suspects were also arrested in relation to this incident. Felix Hughes Jr., 28 years old, from Macon was arrested on July 11, 2015 on the charge of dog fighting and Bruce Davis, 33 years old, from Macon was arrested on July 17, 2015 on the charge of dog fighting. 


An internal investigation was conducted and Smith was found to be in violation of policies under the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. Smith was terminated from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office this afternoon. She was released from the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center after posting bond.