The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Investigators are seeking warrants on two female inmates after receiving information that a small handgun was reported to have been snuck into the jail. On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at around 4:00p.m., a husband of a female inmate contacted the jail staff after he was told by his wife that a gun may possibly be inside the female section of the jail.

Corrections deputies immediately responded to the block and began a search of the area. Deputies found a small .22 caliber handgun. The handgun was loaded with one bullet.

It was reported to Bibb Sheriff’s Investigators that a female inmate possibly concealed the small handgun inside her body cavity as she was processed into the jail.

Inmate Tiffany Robinson, age 42 of Macon, originally possessed the handgun when it was brought into the jail. The handgun was found inside the personal belongings container, assigned to another female inmate, 41 year old Jamie Singleton, also from Macon.

Investigators are seeking warrants on both inmates for the charge of “Possession of Drugs, Weapons, or Alcohol by Inmates”.

This incident is under investigation. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.