The Bibb County Sheriff‘s Office wants to remind citizens about a scam where the callers are claiming to represent the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. It has been brought to our attention that this scam is still being used.

The caller is saying that either the person receiving the call or someone in their household has an arrest warrant for not appearing in court or some other violation. The callers are using a service to “spoof “ the phone number of the Bibb County Sheriff‘s Office. This means that the number they are calling from appears to be from the Bibb County Sheriff‘s Office. The callers are also using the names of deputies employed by the sheriff’s office. They have attempted to convince people receiving the call to pay a fine by stating that the person has a warrant for missing court. They then advise the person that they need to pay a fine immediately at various money transfer locations, for them not to be arrested.

 Please be aware that Bibb County Sheriff‘s Office does not conduct business in this manner. The Bibb County Sheriff‘s Office will not make threatening calls regarding arrest warrants or ask for payment to avoid arrest. If you receive a similar call, write down the number that the scammer is calling from and the name they use. To verify that this is a scam please call 478-746-9441 (Bibb County Sheriff Law Enforcement Center)

If you wish to report a scam and there was no money exchange, go to

  1. In the upper right corner, click on “How do I.”
  2. Click on file a report online, then select “See something, say something”.
  3. If money was exchanged/Loss choose Scam.
  4. Follow the instructions, include as many details as possible in the narrative.