Monday, August 1, 2016 is the first day of school in Bibb County and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind motorist of the following:

  • Slow down and obey the 25mph speed limit in school zones. Bibb County Sheriff’s Deputies will be out monitoring school zones.
  • Watch for school buses stopped, loading and unloading children. Remember motorists must stop for school buses when the bus’s flashing lights and stop sign are activated (unless the roadway is a controlled access roadway where a barrier or median strip separates the opposite directions of travel).
  • Watch for children gathered at school bus stops waiting for buses.
  • Watch for children walking or bicycling in areas near schools.
  • Avoid unloading and loading children at locations across the street from schools so that children are not crossing busy streets.

We would also like to remind motorists to make plans, whether taking children to school or going to work, to leave early enough in case of congested traffic in the areas of schools.  During the first few days of school, traffic in the areas of schools may be heavy during morning hours when school is taking in children and afternoon hours when schools are letting out children.