In an effort to help keep our streets safer by targeting problem roadways, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office will be launching a traffic safety enforcement initiative that aims to reduce the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities.

This initiative will focus on enforcement of speed limits, distracted driving laws, enforcement of child safety seat and seatbelt laws, and pedestrian and bicycling awareness.

Deputies will focus on areas identified as problem areas, either through an established pattern of crashes or traffic infractions, and will use a two-pronged approach.

The first element of the initiative is to bring awareness to the drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists in the area by launching a safety campaign. For example, on neighborhood roadways where speeding has been identified as a problem, a mobile speed recording device will be placed for a short time so drivers will be made aware of their speeds as they approach and given time to adjust their speeds to the posted speed limit.

The second phase will be enforcement, which means deputies will be issuing citations for infractions. For example, if speeding is the targeted issue, drivers who are exceeding the posted speed limit will be cited.

The Traffic Safety Initiative will target not just residential streets but the interstates and state highways of Bibb County and also school zones, bike lanes and pedestrian crosswalks.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s Outreach Section will be conducting Child Safety Seat Checkpoints so parents who would like their seats checked for safe installment can drive up and have a deputy assist. Deputies will also keep an eye on school zones not just for safe drivers but for properly restrained children.

The Traffic Safety Initiative is part of the Sheriff’s PRIDE program.