To help families navigate through a traumatic event, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is launching a new initiative entitled the Survivor Care Project (SCP), which aims to offer support and comfort to families who have experienced a loss due to violence.

Individuals associated with the Survivor Care Project will come to the incident location and will focus on aiding families during the initial law enforcement response. (SCP) representatives will include mental health professionals, victims’ advocates, and all other caring individuals.

The Survivor Care Project will help families identify ways to navigate the crucial next steps after the death of a loved one and will identify resources which will help them further.

“First and foremost, I want to thank Sheriff David Davis and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office for taking IMMEDIATE action on behalf of all victims. When traumatic experiences occur, we often feel alone and extremely overwhelmed with grief. We need someone there to support and advocate for us in real-time. This is the type of responsive leadership that will strengthen our community!” said Dr. Sylvia Rose Brown.

“The Southern Center for Choice Theory’s work in the community has centered around addressing the root causes of trauma. When we saw the impassioned comments from Dr. Brown, we knew there was an opportunity to meet the need that she addressed. The Sheriff and his office, including the victim advocate, immediately agreed that this was something we, as a community could address, and the outcome is the Survivor Care Project! Our agency is ready to support and look forward to engaging the community with this new effort.” said Gloria Cisse and Andrea Cooke.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said, “The first few hours in the aftermath of tragedy are crucial to bring needed support to affected individuals. The Survivor Care Project will fill a void that until now had been unfilled. I am grateful to Dr. Sylvia Rose Brown for her courage to speak of her experience and to the Southern Center for Choice Theory for their partnership to make this initiative an important part of the sheriff’s office response options.”