The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an accidental death that took place just after 5:00p.m. Monday afternoon. It was reported that 45-year-old Kenneth William O’Neill of Juliette pulled onto Chadwick Trail, just off of Bowman Road, after his work truck broke down. O’Neill called for a wrecker and then attempted to take out the vehicle’s drive shaft, so that the 2004 GMC 5500, 18 ft. box truck could be towed.

The box truck was parked on a hill and O’Neill did not use a “wheel chock” to block the tires from rolling forward.  Once the drive shaft was removed, the vehicle began to roll forward, trapping O’Neill under the vehicle. The vehicle’s passenger side rear tires rolled over O’Neill, dragging him several feet. O’Neill died on the scene.

According to Deputy Coroner Miley, the next of kin has been notified.