The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office’s Crime Analysis Unit has compiled the crime statistics for 2015. For major crimes, including homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, arson, burglary, larceny and auto theft, Bibb County experienced a total 4% drop in reported crime in 2015. However, homicides, business robberies and burglaries rose.

Bibb County experienced a 16% increase in total reported burglaries, with 407 more cases reported than the previous year. This is why the Sheriff’s Office implemented two burglary task force initiatives in various neighborhoods in 2015 and have increased that to three since the beginning of the year.

We had 12 more homicides in 2015 than 2014, with one of those deemed to be a justifiable homicide. Eighty-six percent or 24 out of 28 have been solved.

The number of total reported robberies decreased by 11% overall, with a total of 301 reported personal robberies, business robberies, residential robberies and carjackings.

In less violent crimes, shoplifting and entering autos both decreased, contributing to a total 10% decrease in larcenies. The number of auto thefts decreased 12%, with a total of 79 fewer vehicles stolen in 2015. We remind everyone in Bibb County to continue being vigilant about locking car doors and securing valuables out of sight.

2014 2015 CHANGE
HOMICIDE 16 28 75%
RAPE 56 51 -9%
ROBBERY 338 301 -11%
ASSAULT/AGG 398 367 -8%
ARSON 67 67 0%
BURGLARY 2479 2886 16%
LARCENY 6448 5811 -10%
AUTO THEFT 684 605 -12%
TOTALS: 10486 10116 -4%