A Bibb County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to what was reported as a black male attacking two elderly people at 2768 Moncrief Road. Information was also received as the deputy was responding that two elderly people were laying in the driveway at the address. When the deputy arrived he saw a black male coming out of the front of the house with a bottle in his hand. The bottle was later identified as a liquor bottle. It was reported that the male was standing over an elderly male sitting on the front porch. The elderly male appeared to be bleeding from the head around his right eye. He appeared to have been beaten and cut.  This was discovered to be the address where the elderly male and female lived. The 70 year old elderly female was inside the house. She appeared to have been beaten in the face and had stab wounds to the abdomen.

The elderly male victim reported to the deputy that the male that had just come out of his house was the person that attacked him. The deputy approached the male suspect and told him to stop. The male attempted to hit the deputy with the bottle. The deputy, continuing to tell the suspect to stop, tazed the suspect. The suspect pulled the tazer prongs out of him and continued trying to flee from the deputy. The deputy grabbed the suspect by the arm, attempting to detain him and the suspect snatched away. The deputy used pepper spray in attempts to gain control of the suspect and detain him. The suspect ran into the house at 2794 Monccrief Road and barricaded himself in the house. The elderly male and female were transported to the Navicent Health Hospital, both in critical condition. The female, identified as 70 year old Vivian Hughes, was pronounced dead at a later time at the hospital. The elderly male, identified as 72 year old Sanders Hughes, remains in critical condition.

Bibb County Sheriff’s Hostage Negotiators and SWAT Team were notified and came to the scene. Negotiators attempted to make contact with the suspect several times inside his home at 2794 Moncrief Road. The suspect responded back once for a few seconds and discontinued communication. The SWAT Team used tear gas to try and get the suspect to surrender after negotiators attempts to make verbal contact with the suspect. After what seemed a lengthy period of time the suspect came out of the back door of the house towards the deputies. Deputies were giving loud verbal commands for the suspect to stop. During this time as the suspect advanced towards the deputies, the suspect was struck with non-lethal bean bags but he did not stop. The subject had a shiny pointed metal object in his hand and moved towards the deputies while refusing to comply with repeated verbal commands for him to stop.  The suspect was struck by gunfire by Deputy Rozier and was stopped. The suspect was transported to the Navicent Health Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. He was identified as 27 year old Gavin Williams. He lived at 2794 Moncrief Road. Forensics Investigators found a barbeque type fork near where the suspect was laying after he was shot.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called in by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the shooting incident. The Bibb County Sheriff’s Internal Affairs Office will conduct an internal investigation. Deputy Rozier will be placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.