Bibb County Sheriff David Davis announces the arrest of Bibb County Sheriff’s Deputy Joseph Calloway for the charges of Aggravated Assault, False Statements & Writings, and Violation of Oath by a Police Officer.

These charges are in connection with an incident that occurred on April 9, 2020. Deputy Calloway and other deputies responded to a call of “shots fired”, in the area of Price Drive. Deputy Corey Ostrow spotted a vehicle leaving the area, right after the shots stopped. Ostrow pulled in front of the vehicle in order to prevent it from leaving the area and turned on his blue lights. Deputy Calloway then pulled up behind the stopped vehicle. The driver placed his vehicle in forward gear and fled from deputies down Fairfax Dr. Calloway began to fire his service weapon at the fleeing vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was able to elude officers. The driver of the vehicle was later apprehended and charged with Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer. It will be determined later whether that charge will be prosecuted.

All incidents of “use of force” are reviewed by the Office of Professional Standards, under the immediate direction of the Chief Deputy. Violations were discovered during an internal review of the use of force incident involving Deputy Calloway. During the review and subsequent examination of the patrol vehicle’s dash cam, it was determined that Deputy Calloway improperly & illegally discharged his firearm in a manner contrary to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Policy and Georgia State Law. A deputy shall not discharge a firearm from, or at, a moving vehicle, unless being fired upon or in imminent danger of being fired upon , or under such circumstances as to prevent death or serious physical injury. These conditions were not present during this incident.

Also during the review, Calloway’s Incident Report and description of the events that occurred, during the incident, did not reflect what was witnessed during the review of the patrol vehicle’s dash camera.

Upon completion of the review, it was determined that 54 -year-old Deputy Joseph Bernard Calloway violated Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Policy and Georgia State Law. Warrants were issued for Calloway’s arrest. Calloway is currently being held at the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Center, without bond. Calloway’s employment with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office was terminated Thursday evening by Chief Deputy Michael Scarbary.

Calloway was a one year veteran of the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, Prior to working at the Sheriff’s Office, Calloway worked as a Park Ranger at Lake Tobosofkee.