Bibb County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call of a stolen vehicle at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, located at 3550 Pio Nono Avenue at around 5:30PM Saturday afternoon. Deputies met with the victim who stated he had parked his 1988 Chevrolet Pickup in the parking lot of the auto parts store and went inside. He had left the keys in the vehicle. While inside he saw two young black males getting into his pickup. He tried to stop them, but the two suspects drove off in the truck. A lookout had been given on the truck and the suspects.

Bibb County Sheriff’s Deputies located the truck minutes later in the parking lot of a church on Newburg Avenue and soon after that located and arrested the two suspects near Advanced Auto Parts Store, located at 3385 Pio Nono Avenue. The store is within a short distance of the church.

During the investigation of the incident, deputies discovered that the two suspects were also involved in the burglary of a residence on Heard Avenue that occurred also on Saturday at around 3:00PM. The victim of the residential burglary came home, saw the suspects and was able to get a picture of the suspects before both got away. The victim of the burglary gave it to the deputy taking the report of the incident. A witness had also saw the two suspects go into the residence.

An investigator was called out on the stolen auto and burglary incident and the two suspects, which are juveniles, were taken to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Property Investigations Office. Both male juveniles, ages 14 and 15 were charged with theft by taking of the truck and burglary of the residence. They were taken to the Macon Regional Youth Detention Center where they are being held.

The incident is under investigation.  Anyone with information in reference to the incident is urged to contact the Bibb Sheriff’s Office at 478-751 -7500, or Macon Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-877-68CRIME.