The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Crime Analysis Unit releases the Macon-Bibb County crime statistics for 2016.

In the homicide category, Bibb County Sheriff’s deputies and investigators worked eight less homicides in 2016 than the previous year, with four of those homicides deemed justifiable. Of the 20 homicides investigated in 2016, ninety percent or 18 of those cases have already been solved. Of the 48 homicides over the past two years, 46 or 96% have been solved. Sheriff David Davis credits the diligence of the investigators as well as the willingness of community members to come forth with information which helped to solve these cases.

In additional major crime categories, including rape, robbery, aggravated assault, arson, burglary, larceny and auto theft, Bibb County experienced a seven percent drop in reported crime in 2016.

The number of total reported robberies decreased by seven percent overall, that category includes personal, business and residential robberies.  In less violent crimes, shoplifting and other larcenies decreased, contributing to a ten percent drop in total larcenies.

We would like to remind everyone in Bibb County to remain vigilant when it comes to locking your home, keeping your garage doors shut, locking your car and securing valuables out of sight.  If you see something suspicious, say something, it may help prevent a crime before it happens.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office makes the safety of the citizens of Bibb County a top priority and we are honored to serve and protect our community.





  2015 2016  
  HOMICIDE 28 20 -28%  
  RAPE 52 43 -17%  
  ROBBERY 304 282 -7%  
  AGGRAVATED ASSAULT 369 356 -4%  
  ARSON 67 62 -7%  
  BURGLARY 1982 1941 -2%  
  LARCENY 5816 5242 -10%  
  AUTO THEFT 604 651 8%  
  TOTALS: 9222 8597 -7%