Bibb Sheriff’s Patrol Deputies made an arrest on a personal robbery by force that occurred this morning just before 8:30AM.  Deputies responded to the 100 block of Ward Street in reference to a personal robbery. They met with the victim, Alturo Batista of Macon. It was reported that the suspect, identified as Sean Parker Stephens of Macon, struck Batista in the face, breaking his nose. Stephens took Batista’s cellphone and fled on foot.

One of the deputies called the victims cellphone after getting the number from the victim. The deputy identified himself to the man that answered the cellphone. He asked the suspect, Stephens, if he was the same person that had just taken the victims cellphone. Stephens answered, “Yes”. The deputy asked Stephens would he be willing to apologize to the victim and return the cellphone in exchange for a teddy-bear from Saint Peter Claver Church. Stephens answered, “Yes”. The deputy told Stephens he would send two other deputies to meet him and the code word to use would be “teddy- bear”. Stephens gave the deputy his location and clothing description. 

Bibb County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputies went to the location where Stephens said he was waiting. As deputies arrived at the location on Vineville Avenue near Vineville Christian Towers, they could hear Stephens yelling, “teddy-bear, teddy-bear”! One of the deputies stated to Stephens as he approached him, “I got your teddy-bear, you’re under arrest for robbery”. Stephens is charged with robbery by force and aggravated battery. His bond is $6,750.00. The victim, Batista was transported to the Navicent Center for his injury and is listed in stable condition.