Criminal Investigations


The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division.

The Criminal Investigation Unit, whose primary responsibilities are the investigation of missing person cases, robberies, thefts, burglaries, fraud, murders, assaults and other various crimes that occur in Bibb County. We assist other counties in some of their major crimes, which have included murder. This unit works closely with other local, state and federal agencies in the surrounding counties to help solve multiple crimes in our area.

The Drug and Vice Unit, whose primary responsibility is to investigate organized crime, narcotic violations, vice-related crimes and to gather and disseminate intelligence. The unit as a team gathers, documents and disseminates intelligence, identifies drug violators, the patterns of violators and the connection between other violators. The unit also as a team maintains intelligence with the surrounding counties as well as interstate and intrastate intelligence connections.

If you have any questions regarding the Bibb County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division please call:

» Persons Crimes: (478) 803-2443
» Property Crimes: (478) 803-2366
» Special Investigations:(478) 621-5510
» Gang Unit: (478) 751-7678
» Gang Unit(HOTLINE): (478) 751-7600
» Juvenile Investigations:(478) 803-2443
» Sex Offender Registry:(478) 621-6816